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Experience Is Everything: Selling Property In Estepona

We are very proud to say that we have been selling properties in Estepona and surrounding areas since 1999. Establishing a real estate company on the Costa del Sol in itself is rather easy nowadays, all you really need is a website and you´re off! However.. We know all too well that it takes a lot more than a good website to remain in business (and busy!) for over 17 years, having survived the recession we have seen the market evolve in many different stages, along with the major improvements that the town of Estepona has undergone over the past 5 years.


Estepona’s Route of Artistic Murals

Estepona has broken records in 2017 already for the number of visitors to the town during Easter week! Properties for sale in Estepona are in very high demand and for good reason, it really is an amazing place to live year round!



This year Easter starts on the 9th of April with Palm Sunday and finishes with Easter Sunday on the 16th of April and Estepona’s maze of white streets, decked with colourful pots brimming with flowers is the perfect backdrop for the wonderful Easter processions. As a Catholic country, “Semana Santa” or Holy Week is very important and is celebrated with daily processions through the streets. Following these processions is a great way to explore a town and see traditional Spanish culture in action.


Buying A Property In Spain? Top 5 Tips You Need To Know!

18 years is a long time! Future Homes has seen the property market evolve in Estepona and on the Costa del Sol since 1999. Although there are many variable factors that have changed over the years, our advice and our “top tips” remain the same for buying a home in Spain, no matter where or when you do it!! You will not go wrong if you use this article as a guide.

Estepona Villa For Sale

Property For Sale in Estepona – New Projects To Come!

Spring is in the air.. We are already seeing people walk past our office with shorts and flip-flops which is always great to see! Property for sale in Estepona is always a hot topic and with the amazing new developments that are in the pipeline, even more so!

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How We Advertise Our Properties In Estepona

Having been selling properties in Estepona since the year 1999, we have seen times change and the real estate business has certainly evolved over the past few years. When we opened our first office on the Avenida de España we used to develop our photos from film!


Front Line Beach Property For Sale In Estepona

Many of our clients are looking for front line beach properties for sale in Estepona, these of course are limited as there is only so much coastline and it is in very high demand indeed! We are seeing some truly amazing projects of luxury apartments and townhouses, set to be completed within the next three […]


Come to Estepona… Leave your troubles behind!!

We love this photo, taken by our Photographer James Bowles on the beautiful beach of El Cristo in Estepona! We feel it reflects the lifestyle that comes with this beautiful part of the world.


Thank you, 2016!!

As 2016 comes to an end, we are looking back at the amazing year we’ve had, with a feeling gratitude to our wonderful clients, friends and colleagues. We feel very fortunate to live and work in our beautiful town of Estepona.


Christmas has arrived in Estepona!!

Aside from selling property in Estepona, it is also our home! On recent walks around the old town of Estepona we have had the pleasure of enjoying the stunning light display, which varies from street to street. Father Christmas also makes an appearance in La Casa del Rey!!

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Top 3 Bargain Properties For Sale In Estepona

Demand is very high for properties in Estepona, buyers are ready to purchase their ideal holiday home, permanent residence or investment in the sun. We have put together our November 2016 selection of properties for sale in Estepona that we feel are fantastic bargains and absolutely worth considering! Taking into account a variety of locations, prices and property type..


The Property Market In Estepona Since Brexit

We would like to share an insight into the current property market in Estepona, as it has been several weeks now since the result from the Brexit vote, which we know was a big surprise to many!! We never like to comment or give our opinion in regards to the political decisions that have been reached in this country, or any other for that matter, as it is our duty to remain neutral. However, we were surprised with the result of the Brexit vote and along with many others, we did wonder what the impact would be on the property market on the Costa del Sol and more specifically, in Estepona.