Buying a property on the Costa del Sol

We fully understand that purchasing a property in Spain is a big decision for many of our clients and for this reason we would like to share our knowledge of the purchase process, this will allow you to know exactly where you are from the start!

Starting your Search

One of the most important aspects of our job is to “property match” correctly. The first thing we do is to find out exactly what you are looking for, your reasons for buying and your likes and dislikes. This allows us to match our properties to your exact needs, making the viewing process a lot more enjoyable… Listening to our clients is perhaps the most important part of our professional relationship and cannot be over emphasised.

For detailed information regarding the purchase process in Spain please download our Buyers Guide below, with detailed information on all costs involved.

If you are interested in selling your property we welcome you to download our Vendors Guide in which we detail the process from the sellers perspective and we explain “how we work” in order to meet your needs from start to finish.

Enjoy reading our clients' stories

Martin & Philip

Martin and Philip, from Germany and Belgium contacted us asking to view villas in Estepona, they wanted 3 bedroom detached villa slightly away from the busier areas - we selected three villas for them, all of which suited their needs - I (Victoria) met them at an agreed meeting place and was pleasantly greeted by two very smiling faces in a trendy open top Mini convertible - I offered for them to come in my car but they followed me and we went to Valle Romano first to see a fantastic detached property we have for sale - they loved the house, especially the quality and orientation for all day sun, however, it was obvious that they really wanted a larger plot, so we went on to another of our favourite properties, a detached villa in the heart of Estepona golf, as soon as we arrived I could see they had fallen in love with the house, they loved the privacy, golf and country views and the style of the house which I would describe as very Spanish, balanced and unique - they didn´t hesitate in making an offer and soon an agreement was reached and the rest is history. I visited them a few weeks ago and shared a few glasses of wine with them in celebration of their purchase - I have since met a few members of their family and we have already spent a fun evening together in our lovely wine bar called La Casa del Rey - to top it off Martin has even managed to find a dining room table I was looking for in Belgium for half the price I was going to pay and incredibly they are delivering it to my front door when they do their removals in December - for sure Martin and Philip are already friends and we look forward to many fun times together.

Karen & Ted

We met the lovely Karen and Ted from the UK about 12 years ago - quite a bizarre first meeting as I felt I knew Karen (who was with her glamorous mother Carole) for ever - she bought a super ground floor apartment in Belgravia Club near the port, we then sold it for her a few years later as she wanted a detached villa and boy did she buy one!! A large estate overlooking the whole of Estepona, 5 bedrooms and 10,000 sq m of land! The whole family became great friends of ours, we shared many evenings together and have visited them in the UK a number of times, their children were the same age as Victoria´s girls - all now adults - the villa was sold a while ago as it was too big for them and they didn´t manage to use it as much as they hoped, but low and behold they have just this year bought a super apartment above our office in the port and we now get together every time they come (and Victoria even uses their parking space when they aren´t here - with their permission of course!) - it is great to have them back in Estepona, they say they love it too much not to come and we love having them!

Nelson & Gilbert

What can we say about this lovely Australian/Portuguese couple who lived in Canada? Many emails were exchanged between us over a number of months - we had a great idea what they wanted, basically to relocate to a country house near the coast with the possibility of having an extra income from renting some of it during summer months - from the start we knew one particular property was perfect for them, a country estate near Casares, it has two detached houses so one was perfect for rentals - we emailed photos, videos and plans so they knew what they were coming to see and they travelled all the way here to Spain just to see it - and (luckily) it was perfect - they bought it and funnily enough we all regularly go up there as Gilbert is a fantastic (and famous!) hairdresser, he has a salon on the property so we pop up for a super trendy hair cut and the best advice any hair expert can give you (did you know you shouldn´t shampoo your hair every time you wash it? if anything you can condition it every time !! shampoo dries your roots!) - again, without wanting to sound repetitive and corny, they are really good friends, many fun and rather late evenings together and many more to come.