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The spring / summer season is upon us and Estepona is looking better than ever! If you live here or if you are simply visiting, we recommend that you keep an eye on the local Town Hall Facebook page (Ayuntamiento de Estepona) as they regularly post news relating to our beautiful town and they post upcoming events that you really don’t want to miss! Just in the next few weeks we have fantastic events such as the “Ruta de la Tapa” which is a tapas tour of Estepona; The very busy Easter schedule with daily processions in town and of course our patron saint “San Isidro Labrador” on the 15th of May which honours the local agricultural tradition with processions and plenty of other surprises!

When it comes to the improvements in our infrastructure and all of the amazing projects that are happening in Estepona, we would also advise that people check the veracity of the information they hear with the local authorities. It is inevitable that in a town such as ours there are rumours and before you know it, they become Chinese whispers. If you would like to know the information “from the horses mouth” then we come back to the Town Hall website or their Facebook page as provided above. Also our major Jose María Urbano has his own Facebook page and regularly posts updates and interesting local news.
For the latest properties for sale in Estepona, you can keep an eye on our website which is updated daily.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!